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Please ensure that you submit a valid email address for our reply.

ArtDoms collects personal information from customers who purchase domain names from us. This information is required for the transfer of ownership of the domain from ArtDomains to the buyer.
ArtDoms will not give this information to any other parties other than those parties involved in the legal transfer or registration of the Art Domain or if required to give information by law


1. Domain Names will be sold to the first buyer making an acceptable offer to buy and doing so within a 10 day window of opportunity. If after this period the 'buyer' has not completed transfer of all funds due or an Escrow Transaction has not been started then the domain name will be withdrawn and returned to the marketplace and be offered for sale to other interested parties.

2. Once a Domain Name has been transferred, the domain name becomes the property of the buyer and all domain liabilities rest with the new owner.

3. guarantees the successful transfer of your ArtDomain name to your holding account or you get your money back! Payment for your Art Domain name must be received in full prior to the transfer process beginning.

4. will not discuss the sale of your Art Domain to any third parties unless instructed to in law.

5. Upon transfer, payment of extra ‘years’ registration fees may be needed by buyers of domain names to extend their use. Fees will vary depending upon the Registrar you choose to use but will be nominal. No registration fees are included in the sale price of a domain name from

6. Unless notified herein, all Domain Names are transferred "as is", without warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Buyers accept upon purchase that a domain purchased from will meet their needs.

7. Once a Domain Name has been purchased and the transfer process has begun ArtDoms will endeavour to expedite the smooth transfer of your new ArtDomain name in as short a period as possible. Registration transfer delays can occur and may be beyond the control of ArtDomains. Domain Names would normally lake less than 24hrs. to transfer and can be completed in less than 30 minutes once the buyer has opened a free account to transfer the domain into. Depending on which domain you choose you will be asked to open a free account with one of our excellent Registrars, normally either , or .

A swift push into your account and a domain transfer can be completed in minutes.

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